The Physical and Emotional Effects of Alcoholism

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Published: 07th April 2009
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Alcohol addiction, or alcoholism, wreaks havocs in an individual's life as well as loved ones. Alcoholism can lead to relationship problems, health problems, school or work problems, money problems, and more. Those effects are all indirect results of alcoholism, and direct results of alcoholism can be just as destructive.
Emotional Effects of Alcoholism

A common contributing factor to alcohol addiction is depression. Unfortunately, alcoholism only worsens depression. Somebody who is addicted to alcohol will lose control of his or her emotions. An angry person will become angrier and more violent, for example.

Also, alcohol abuse has a negative impact on motivation. An alcoholic will show low performance in school or at work, and will eventually stop participating in life altogether.

Studies have also shown alcohol abuse to cause anxiety disorders, depression, and even hallucinations.
Physical Effects of Alcoholism

Alcohol abuse may lead to gastrointestinal problems including: ulcers, pancreatic cancer, and gastritis.

Alcohol addiction also causes cardio vascular complication such as cardiomyopathy and hypertension.

Alcoholism severely weakens the immunity system. Those struggling with alcohol abuse may easily suffer serious infections, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and different type of cancers.

Alcohol abuse may also damage the peripheral and central nervous system, resulting in serious cognitive impairment.

Alcoholic males have reported impotency, testicular atrophy and gynecomastia.

Consuming alcohol during pregnancy can cause mental retardation, facial deformity and/or other neurological problems (fetal alcohol syndrome).

If you, or somebody you care about, may be abusing alcohol… don't wait for these effects to occur! The sooner you seek help for alcohol abuse, the better. Contact Axis at (866)900-2947 for more information.

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